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There are some sites, and before we built this one we tried all of them we could find. None of the ones we tried worked. To send a message there are costs. They all had adverts popping up near the send button, which will provide payment to the site owner irrespective of a working product. Make up your own mind.

We charge around £1/£1.25 dependant on currency. From this the telecoms company charge us per message. The card payment company (Stripe/Paypal) also charge us a fee per transaction. Hence the charge, and hence why we probably couldn’t find any free sites that worked.

Send an SMS message over the internet. Just type a name or number as the sender. Select the country code from the drop down and type in the cell number/mobile number and click Continue. Pay the fee. We will then send your message anonymously. That’s it!

When you pay you will be taken to another screen showing status as the message is Sent. The status changes from Sent, to Delivered/Delivery Failed. Our system polls and it will change (and the icon goes from Red to Green if delivered) which means its actually arrived at the device. If it fails then it stays Red and will state Delivery Failed. If this happens email us via the contact page. We will then check the Database and either resend the SMS message if there is an error, or refund your money.